Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break!

Did you have fun on spring break? I did because...

I got all 100s on my CRCT practice tests!

These are more reasons i had a wonderful spring break:
*Going to OK Cafe
*Going to the cabin with the Brauns
*Visiting the Altanta History Center
*Visiting Fernbank
*Having Sonic Slushies
*Celebrating Easter
*Getting Peeps candies
*Having sleepovers 2 nights in a row with my friend Kendall
*Going to the mall
*Watched the movie How To Train Your Dragon
*Helping my mom clean and organize her room
*Watering the pool
*Playing with my friends Davis and Clara
*Davis and Savannah's birthday parties
All these fun things make me think it's impossible to wait until summer starts!!! YAY!